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Corporate Headquarters

1350 West 3rd St. Cleveland, OH 44113
T: 216-464-2860
F: 216-464-1458


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Leasing Information:

Carla Lally
Senior VP of Leasing
T: 216-292-0248

Lidia Richani
Assistant Vice President of Leasing
T: 216-292-0265

Investment and Joint Venture Opportunities:

Ezra Stark
Chief Operating Officer
T: 216-292-0042

Operations and Maintenance:

Hank Rapport
VP of Operations
T: 216-292-0237

Public Relations, Sponsorships and Events:

Lisa Schwan
Director of Communications
T: 216-292-0261

Employment Opportunities:

Christa Lenko
Director of Human Resources
T: 216-292-0059